SQL Monitor

The aim of this project was to increase awareness of SQL Monitor by running a series of targeted YouTube ads.

I worked closely with the SQL Monitor Product Marketing Manager to plan five animated ads, each demonstrating a different area of the tool's functionality by showing the UI in action. I really enjoyed distilling the product interface at the design stage - highlighting what was most important to demonstrate the features on show while carefully simplifying anything that would distract the viewer or create background noise from the main focus.

After animating the first video, we decided to create an alternative version using screencaptured footage of the actual tool being used so that we could A/B test the performance of animation vs video before committing to creating the rest of the series. The difference in performance between the two was not enough to justify the time cost of animating them, and we decided to screenrecord the rest in order to get the campaign rolling as quickly as possible. While I had been looking forward to animating the rest of them, it was really satisfying to get to run a test and adjust course based on the results, and always nice to deliver a project ahead of schedule.

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