Pepsi x Mister Cartoon: Cannes Lions submission

I helped work on a nomination video for Pepsi's submission to Cannes Lions, showcasing the impact of their campaign collab with LA graffiti artist Mister Cartoon.

When I joined the project, the concept had already been decided and some early animation tests had been produced. The idea was to create a cartoon world based on the original artwork, with a constant camera move to create the sense of a car driving through the scenes. These animated shots would then be woven in with footage from the brand video, stock footage, and stills from the campaign.

My role was to take the initial idea and run with it - breaking down the original artwork into individual objects, redrawing sections that were missing, designing and animating a number of the scenes, and bringing everything together in the edit. This page shows some of the layouts and shots that were mine.

Client: Pepsi
Agency: Laundry Service
Studio: Zookeeper
Artwork: Mister Cartoon
Design & Animation: Gina Taylor, Nick Snyder, Cristina Rendon


When I received the artwork, the whole thing was a single compound shape in Illustrator. I carefully went through and separated out each individual object, simplifying path points, massaging bezier handles, and redrawing previously covered sections. It was a long but satisfying task, and ultimately set myself and the other animators up well for the rest of the project.

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