HubSpot: The Career Growth Course

In 2021 and 2022, I worked with HubSpot on their new series aimed at helping recent grads and entry-level job seekers to take their first step into the world of employment. The team had a script outline for a series of interviews when I joined the project, but knew that they wanted to break up the footage with short animated segments to keep the content from coming across as too dry or intimidating.

The key asks were for the art style to be approachable and positive, for the shots to aid the narrative by highlighting moments of emotion or humour, and to maximize the impact of the illustrations using only minimal animation.

I took their script and proposed a set of 24 animated shots, distributed throughout the series with the intention of helping to tell the stories of the people being interviewed, as well as creating a cohesive look and feel that weaved through the lessons, visually uniting them as single course. After sketching, illustrating, and animating the main shots, I worked with the in-house team of Animators and provided them with a toolkit that they could use to create additional animated elements for the series, in a style that matched the work I'd done already.


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